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About Us

About Us | Cates Supply Inc. - Winfield, KS

“Doing our Best to Earn Your Business.”

Guided by this principle, Cates Supply Inc. is committed to providing top quality and the most innovative agricultural, industrial and oilfield supplies for your business in Winfield, KS. We partnered with the industry’s finest manufacturers to deliver the repair parts and supplies you need upfront.

You can find some of the most important parts and supplies for your oilfield equipment from our vast and up-to-date portfolio. Choose among our latest products for industrial equipment and repair parts for your agricultural equipment maintenance.

With our professional and seasoned team, we continuously provide important gears and items for oilfield supply, industrial supply, and agricultural supply. Our constantly updated portfolio is growing to improve our services and give our customers various options and choices.

Versatility is part of our service package hence our service extends to renewable wind and solar energy. Our aim is to make your business as energy-efficient and lucrative as possible through our diverse and innovative portfolio.

Cates Supply Inc. is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and services to our customers no matter what business or industry you are operating. Keep in touch with our customer support team to access our fast and efficient service.