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Oilfield Supplies

Oilfield Supplies | Cates Supply Inc. - Winfield, KS

Cates Supply Inc. earns your business by providing fast, trusted and efficient oilfield supplies for your business in Winfield, KS. Our comprehensive portfolio showcases state-of-the-art repair parts and supplies for oilfield businesses and operations.

Oilfield supplies are essential for continuous and uninterrupted operations and production for industrial businesses today. We want to make sure you have minimized downtime through innovative, durable and high quality supplies that will last a longer period regardless of its heavy-duty functions.

Here are some of the supplies and services we offer for lucrative and productive business operations:

• Downhole Pump Restoration– We repair or build new pumps based on your requirements and specifications. Our innovative facilities and professional mechanics will take in your damaged and defective pump for repair, or we offer you exchange pump to maintain your operations. We also maintain pump records for your leases.

• Comprehensive Engine Repair or Overhaul– Our main goal is to help you ensure lesser downtime through repairing or overhauling your non-functioning engines. With our team of experienced and licensed mechanics, we will tear down your engine for the replacement of important parts. We also repair magnetos, heads and clutches, among others.

• Mobile Parts Trailer– With innovative and heavy-duty trailers, we provide a mobile parts trailer to minimize repeat trips to the depot or making unnecessary delivery. This is our cost-effective solution for big jobs such as tank battery hookups or wellhead.

• Hydraulic Hose Building– We build hydraulic hose through our innovative equipment. Our professional crew provides hydraulic hoses based on your requirements and specifications.

Cates Supply Inc. is your one-stop depot for high quality oilfield supplies. Give us a call to order repair parts and supplies to ensure continuous operations and productions for your business.